Australian SIP Trunk Aatrox Communications has been added to 3CX V15.5

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Australian SIP Trunk Provider, Aatrox Communications, has been added to 3CX V15.5We’re constantly adding new SIP Trunk Providers to 3CX in an effort to give our partners and customers more freedom of choice. Our latest addition is that of Australian SIP Trunk Provider Aatrox Communications.

Aatrox Communications offer a cost-effective and reliable unlimited or PAYG SIP Trunks, with local Australian support. Aatrox specialises in IP Telephony for small and large businesses across Australia.

Just like all the SIP Trunks that have pre-configured templates with 3CX, Aatrox Communications is ever so easy to configure. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to make things even easier for you. Simply login to the management console and follow the guide.

Note that in order for you to be able to use Australian Phone Company as your SIP Trunk with 3CX you must be running 3CX v15.5, Update 2.

Check out the guide here.

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3CX is a PBX software available in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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