What to look for in a managed security service provider?

Turning over computer security to an outside firm makes many managers nervous because they must give up direct control of critical systems. This has long been the central theme which a lot of paranoids use to block outsourcing proponents from getting their way. But beyond the negative impression that comes Continue Reading

Cyber criminals on the attack

When the Sony PlayStation Network was hacked several times in 2011, it exposed the very personal information of 77 million online gaming customers, including passwords, addresses and credit card details. More importantly, it revealed the vulnerabilities of websites and systems from cybercriminals.   Things haven’t really changed much in 2012. Continue Reading

Tips for an effective e-mail marketing campaign

a. Tidy up your email list into different segments eg, Paying customers, New customers, Small Medium Business. This is because different messages will be applicable to different audience.   b. Use sender score to make sure that sending reputation of your e-mail server is good.   c. Use DNSStuffs.com to make Continue Reading

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