Singapore invests S$21 million to boost SaaS adoption among SMEs

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is earmarking Rp.21 million to increase adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) among small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in Singapore.   Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Infocomm Media Business Exchange today, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, said the IDA will issue Continue Reading

Q&A: Protecting your information assets

Nearly all businesses rely on information to be competitive and efficient, but just how much do companies spend on protecting the information they own?   According to a recent Symantec “state-of-information” survey, corporate information is costing businesses worldwide URp.1.1 trillion each year.   SMBs are also spending more per employee at Continue Reading

iOS still leads in enterprises despite Android gains

  Apple’s iOS devices continue to dominate the enterprise mobility landscape, even as more companies are warming up to Android-based smartphones and tablets.   According to a new report from Good Technology, iOS still accounts for the majority of mobile device activations. The operating system’s share of activations, however, slipped from 79.9 percent during Continue Reading

Cutting through the BYOD hype

The age-old practice among labourers of the past who bring their own tools to work has found its way into the modern enterprise.   In the past year, technology companies from mobile security firms to IT consulting houses have been touting the benefits of allowing employees to use their own Continue Reading

Five cloud computing tips for SMBs

  You’ve read countless case studies of how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have turned to cloud computing to raise productivity, improve customer service and stay ahead of the competition. But is your company ready to jump onto the bandwagon? Here’s what you need to know before moving to the Continue Reading

Gartner: BPO market in Asia-Pacific is underdeveloped

  The business process outsourcing market in the Asia-Pacific region has more room to grow, according to a new study by Gartner.   In a statement yesterday, the analyst company said with the exception of Australia and New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific BPO market is still underdeveloped compared with the rest Continue Reading

Business discovery: the next step in business intelligence?

  More than a decade ago, business intelligence (BI) was lauded as the holy grail to help companies make sense of the growing deluge of data housed on employee PCs and corporate data centres.   Despite the promises, many BI projects failed because companies often faced difficulties in integrating disparate Continue Reading

Lost devices and malware top list of mobile security threats

Data loss from lost, stolen or decommissioned devices and mobile malware have come out tops in a mobile security survey that was recently concluded by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).   Conducted by the CSA’s mobile working group, the survey involving over 200 enterprise respondents from 26 countries serves as an important Continue Reading

Experts Explain: .htaccess Attacks

In this article we will talk about a very popular attack method used to infect legitimate websites: .htaccess redirection. This technique is used by hackers to redirect users visiting compromised websites to content on another infected or imposter website.   What is the purpose of the .htaccess file? Websites are Continue Reading

The 5 Most Infamous Hackers of All Time

We all know that the term hacker is synonymous with computer enthusiast. However there are hackers out there who use their skills in less than legitimate ways. This list shows five of the most well known black hat hackers of all time.   Kevin Mitnick   At age 12 Mitnick Continue Reading

Website Security: What do I need to know? What do I need to do? – Part 2

This is the second part of our blog article about the emerging security issues for and threats to websites as well as some of the options to address them.   In the first part we talked about “How websites are built” and “Why websites are insecure”. We listed a couple Continue Reading

Website Security: What do I need to know? What do I need to do? – Part 1

This article describes some of the emerging security issues for and threats to websites as well as some of the options to address them. The information is first in a series of articles that will discuss how to make a website more secure.   This target audience is owners and Continue Reading

Startup Security Checklist: Things You Should Do Before Launching Your Site

There was a time when attackers concentrated their efforts on large corporate web sites. Smaller businesses usually did not tend to the security of their web site as much because there wasn’t enough notoriety in bringing down a small mom and pop site.   But now things have changed. Any site on Continue Reading

How StopTheHacker Works to Help Prevent Attacks on Websites

Current research shows that over 85% of all malware comes from the web. This number is so high because it is estimated, by the same report, that more than 30,000 websites are infected with some sort of malware every day. And this number is not limited to malicious sites set up by cybercriminals, a Continue Reading

Best Way to Protect Your WordPress Blog from Malware

In April over 700,000 Macs were infected with the Flashfake, or Flashback, malware. These computers were infected because the user visited any one of the 100,000 WordPress blogs that contained the malware and infected their visitors via drive by download. These numbers only reflect the damage done by one single Continue Reading

Cleaning up malware-infected WordPress sites

Web-malware – a relatively new kind of threat, is sweeping the internet right now. Thousands of websites are compromised every single day, leading to an average of 7 – 10 days of lost revenue, immeasurable stress and damage to reputation. When websites get infected with Web-malware, it takes days to Continue Reading

History of Malware

When it comes to malware, history tends to get a bit fuzzy. Different web sites make different claims as to which piece of code is considered the first virus based on any number of variables such as replication, operating system and potential for damage.   So instead of debating as Continue Reading

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