Akamai: online viewers start abandoning videos after 2 seconds of loading

Internet users are willing to wait just a mere two seconds for an online video to load before losing interest and moving on to something else, a recent study by Internet content delivery network Akamai has found.   For each second more that a video takes to load, the “abandonment Continue Reading

Commentary: Trust and data quality critical in self-service BI

Piecing data from multiple sources to glean useful business insights is often a frustrating affair. Even after the data sources have been identified, it would take days for an IT department to generate the reports you need.   In response, a flurry of software vendors, such as JackBe and QlikView, Continue Reading

Malnet: the latest tool in cybercrime arsenal

Most Internet security software detect malware through digital signatures that detail the source of cyber attacks. But what if cybercriminals employ thousands of servers spread across Internet domains that change a thousand times a day to propagate their malware?   Such malware networks, or malnets, may go undetected by antivirus Continue Reading

HP takes aim at EMC with expanded storage portfolio

HP is expanding its storage portfolio to make it easier for companies to manage and make sense of the growing glut of corporate information.   According to HP, the new systems tout technologies that help IT administrators manage disparate storage systems, analyse data quickly and speed up backup operations.   Continue Reading

Fuji Xerox continues foray into the cloud with translation service

Fuji Xerox currently sits at the top of the printer and photo copier market in Asia Pacific, but the Japanese company is determined to move into the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space.   Take its Scan Translation Service (pictured above), a cloud service that multinational corporations dealing with large amounts of foreign-language Continue Reading

HP beefs up cloud portfolio with enterprise public cloud

HP is setting its sights on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with HP Cloud Compute, an enterprise public cloud offering based on the open source OpenStack cloud computing system.   While AWS is leading the pack in public cloud services, its offerings are largely pitched at developers. With HP Cloud Compute, Continue Reading

SolarWinds refreshes Virtualisation Manager with per socket pricing

SolarWinds has updated its Virtualisation Manager tool to help enterprises better manage their virtual desktops.   Virtual desktops are software tools that allow employees to use the same operating system and apps across devices. They also make it easier for IT staff to install and update programs.   According to Continue Reading

Q&A: Online merchant sites have to load fast or lose customers within seconds

This holiday season, more shopping is carried out over smartphones than ever before, as people seek to beat the queue and turn to the device they trust the most.   Just how do online merchants and other companies keep their websites accessible during rush hour and despite the frequently clogged Continue Reading

Changes to Google Apps for businesses

Posted by Clay Bavor, Director of Product Management, Google Apps Google Apps started with the simple idea that Gmail could help businesses and schools work better together without the hassles of managing software and servers. As we grew from a handful of customers to a few hundred, we expanded to Continue Reading

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