Wrapping Financial Services in a Security Blanket: How the Fortinet Security Fabric enhances the security of Financial Services organizations.

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  • June 30, 2016
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The Enterprise security market has grown extremely complicated over the past decade. This complexity is being compounded as the business of Financial Services moves from person-to-person transactions to automated high-speed machine-to-machine operations and workflows. We originally designed security systems that protect people from other people – vaults, teller cages, guards, Continue Reading

cPanel & WHM 11.50 EOL Now, 11.52 EOL September

cPanel & WHM 11.50 has now reached End of Life, and cPanel & WHM 11.52 is set to reach End of Life at the end of September 2016. In accordance with our EOL policy [https://go.cpanel.net/longtermsupport], 11.50 will continue functioning on servers where it is already installed. The last release of Continue Reading

Attract clients when launching an online business: Interview wth Rachel Bouchon of Atelieramour.com

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  • June 28, 2016
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Rachel Bouchon turned her experience in the lingerie industry into a successful online business: Atelieramour.com is an innovative company that takes the challenge out of buying lingerie as a gift or as a personal treat. In today’s interview, Rachel shares her advice for laying the groundwork for a successful website Continue Reading

Zimbra/Synacor Extending General Support & Technical Guidance for Zimbra Collaboration 8.0 and 8.5.x/8.6.x

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  • June 28, 2016
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General support for Zimbra Collaboration 8.0 through 8.6 was scheduled to end this summer. We are now extending these dates as follows: Zimbra/Synacor highly recommends upgrading to Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 upon its release. Version 8.7 provides critical bug fixes and security patches for previous Zimbra product versions. The extension will give you ample time to plan and upgrade Continue Reading

Using Context to Predict the Future

The vast majority of security strategies are reactive. The goal is to close the gap between the time to compromise and time to discover. According to the 2016 DBIR report, this compromise time is minutes for a majority (over 80%) of breaches. Solving this problem is complicated because threats are Continue Reading

School-links Messaging Solution

Introduction School-links is New Zealand’s leading online communications tool in schools and early childhood centres, delivering hundreds of thousands of important messages every month. School-links help connect schools and their families, staff and supporters and believe in the importance of community engagement in school life and crucially in the safety Continue Reading

Import / Export MySQL Database

How to import or export MySQL database with command line.This is also useful when working with big databases. Export database info file mysqldump DATABASE-NAME > FILE-NAME.sql Export database into compressed file to save space mysqldump DATABASE-NAME | gzip FILE-NAME.sql.gz Export database into compressed file with date name to save space Continue Reading

[SingCERT] Kaspersky Report on Compromised RDP Servers – "The xDedic Marketplace"

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  • June 18, 2016
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On 15 June 2016, Kaspersky released a report on xDedic – an underground market that facilitated the sale of compromised login credentials of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers in 173 countries including Singapore. With the login credentials, the buyer will be able to access the server, including all the data Continue Reading

Stop Worrying About Security Set-Up!

Security, security, security. The buzzword that buzzes incessantly like an annoying mosquito that you’re stuck with in a dark and quiet room late at night. You just can’t avoid it. Everybody’s concerned about it and preoccupied with what they can or cannot and should or should not do. Taking your Continue Reading

[Scheduled Maintenance] Readyspace Cloud Drive Maintenance

Dear Customers, We will be performing a maintenance on our Cloud Drive servers. Upgrades and patches will be rolled out for this maintenance.   Service affected: Cloud Drive Scheduled start time and date: 11:30 PM 14/06/2016 SGT (GMT+8) Estimated end time and date: 12:30 AM 15/06/2016 SGT (GMT+8)   Details: Continue Reading

Changing Behavior is Hard – Thinking About Passwords, Shadow IT, and AI

Passwords and social media sites have been a recent topic of interest. Although the conversation is not new, it is still important because it affects everyone. The challenge is that users resist regularly changing their passwords, and implementing behavior change is not easy. Fortinet’s Tyson Macaulay shares some perspective, and Continue Reading

The Myth of the ”Platform” Security Strategy

We all know about the challenges of having far too many security vendors deployed across our networks.  In Fortinet’s most recent research, surveying over 1,000 CSOs across ten countries about their top concerns, 59% of respondents stated that the greatest challenge to achieving automated and consistent security policies across their Continue Reading

pure-ftpd Setup Passive FTP Ports

How to enable passive ports on your pure-ftpd server and CSF FirewallWhen transferring files on/from your ftp server you will need to have passive ports specified and allowed in the firewall. Firstly lets edit pure-ftpd configuration file nano /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf Uncomment (remove # at beginning of the line) PassivePortRange and specify Continue Reading

[Scheduled] customer portal maintenance

Dear Customers, We will be performing maintenance on customer portal cp.readyspace.com.sg|hk|ph|co.. During the maintenance customer control panel will be inaccessible for a short period of time.   Here are the details: Notification Type     : Scheduled Maintenance Start Date/Time     : Friday 17th June, 2016 10:00pm (GMT +0800 hours) End Date/Time   Continue Reading

Obfuscated Bitcoin Miner Propagates Through FTP Using Password Dictionary

Although bitcoin miners have been used by cybercriminals before as a way to monetize their malicious activities, this recent sample (MD5: 522f8ba8b2dec299cc64c0ccf5a68000) caught our attention because it is unusually heavy, persistent, and obfuscated. Fortinet detects this threat as W32/Miner. (3) Threat Description This malicious bitcoin miner is, in fact, a Continue Reading

ICSA Labs Certifies Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection Framework

Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Framework has once again achieved Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certification from ICSA Labs for Q1 of 2016.  We remain one of the four vendors in the entire industry who have achieved this independent certification. Advanced threats represent some of the most difficult security challenges faced Continue Reading

Red Hat Releases the Open Decision Framework to Spur Transparent and Inclusive Leadership

Red Hat today announced the release of a community version of the Open Decision Framework, the company’s collection of its own best practices for making decisions and leading projects. The framework can help decision-makers communicate transparently, seek out diverse perspectives, collaborate more effectively across distributed teams, and limit unanticipated impacts Continue Reading

Things you can learn from a million users

Recently, I had the pleasure of leading a FortiGate-5000 series chassis deployment. While I’ve worked on the 5000 series before, this was my first “soup to nuts” deployment of our 4th generation chassis. The 5000 series is not merely a very large appliance. It is a vessel for FortiGate and Continue Reading

How to package your products online

When we talk about “packaging a product,” your mind likely drifts to thoughts of corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape — that is, physical packaging. But have you given any thought to how you package your products online? For some store owners, they display and sell their products simply. Their Continue Reading

8 awesome ideas for social media content

The coolest thing about social media is that it happens in real time. Regardless of which platform you prefer, you have access to an online community making connections and sharing information 24 / 7. But between managing your business and social media pages, you may find yourself running out of Continue Reading

Notice – 10/06/2016

Dear Customers,    Some users may have experienced a brief period of intermittent connectivity to their services this morning due to a spike in server load for some IPs.    Affected IP addresses are:    Web Server Linux    Mail Server MAIL3.readyspace.com.sg|hk|co|ph    Mail Server MAIL4.readyspace.com.sg|hk|co|ph Continue Reading

Perth, Australia: 80th Data Center

CloudFlare is excited to announce the launch of our newest data center in Perth, Australia. This expands the breadth of our global network to span 80 unique cities across 41 countries, and is our fourth data center in the Oceania region, joining existing data centers in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Continue Reading