5 Unique Ways for SMB’s to Increase Sales and Drive Foot Traffic

Are you not convinced that you need a mobile site yet? Well, Research has shown that 59% of people visit a local store after searching for it on a mobile device. The volume, stemming from mobile, is slightly higher than the 45% that search from a desktop computer or laptop. Impressively, over 30 % of mobile searches have local intent. How about now, are you considering how mobile may affect your business?


What the data implies is that a mobile user is more likely to convert when viewing a mobile website. They are also viewed as more trusting, willing to call for quick information or visit a store location. Mobile is dramatically influencing and changing today’s modern consumer behaviors.


Knowing these figures, the typical SMB can drive foot traffic with mobile optimized features.


  • Include a discount coupon / redemption promo code. Redemption coupons allow you to track the success of your marketing campaigns. Be mindful not to devalue your product or service with excessive use of promo codes. Used correctly they are proving to be an increasingly effective marketing tool.
  • Incorporate the click to call feature. This is a simple ‘killer feature’ on mobile web sites. Optimizing and taking away one less step, entices the customer to be more engaging with your business.
  • Integrate social media and interact with customers via your mobile site. You can leverage the majority of Twitter users tweeting via mobile by broadcasting updates, promotions and discounts. Similarly, over 40% of Facebook users check Facebook via their mobile phone. Start building those communities and an information strategy that increases brand awareness.
  • Include a signup form for newsletters, discounts, VIP clubs or other programs. Building a database will help when business is slow and creates a community of people willing to hear what you have to say. A simple questionnaire may help you gather customer preferences and intelligence, and identifies short term sales opportunities.
  • Embedding a location map. Although this maybe stating the obvious, customers need to know where to locate your business. Incorporating a map feature, or preferably a Google mobile map feature, certainly puts you on the local radar. More importantly, don’t forget to register your business on Google maps in order to connect your business with local customers and those out-of-towners that may be passing by.

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