What is Cloud Alliance?

Cloud Alliance is a network of companies – comprised of Datacenters, Hosting providers and Enterprises – where each contributes CPU, RAM, Diskspace and network resources towards providing Cloud Services to any third party user.

ReadySpace Cloud Alliance invites you to join us to be part of this network.

If you currently own the following…
a. Datacenter.
b. Bare-metal Intel servers.
c. Network capacity.

… and would like to further monetize these resources, we want to work with you.

Why Cloud Alliance?

Gain Global Customers and Partners

Once your resources are connected to us, it will be made available to our extensive network of resellers and buyers. They'll be able to reach you easily.

Extend your business capabilities

You don't have to limit to your own resource anymore. Now you can also provide global services to your local customers without heavy investment.

Revenue Share

Your risk is totally mitigated because there'll be no software investment and commitment at all. Once connected, both of us can start selling to our respective markets.

What’s in it for you?

a. Monetize your existing available resources through turning it into Cloud Services
b. Connect to the ReadySpace sales, marketing and reseller network.
c. Our experts will work with you on the best pricing point to sell your resources.
d. No skillset required as they will be done by us. You just need to ensure hardware and network availability.
e. Get recurring income to your bank account.

We want to work with you!

Be part of this exciting Cloud economy and gain profits through it
Talk to us today!