ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200917

This week we have improved mainly on the ordering process and flow, including some wording adjustments so that users can easily understand the functionality of each button. We have also included a new knowledge base to explain the differences between creating a snapshot and creating a backup for cloud infrastructure. Continue Reading

Ubuntu updates for TCP SACK Panic vulnerabilities

Ubuntu is available in Cloud Server Linux. Contact us to find out our latest offers! Issues have been identified in the way the Linux kernel’s TCP implementation processes Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) options and handles low Maximum Segment Size (MSS) values. These TCP SACK Panic vulnerabilities could expose servers to a Continue Reading

Office 365 Integration: A Walkthrough

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! Have you upgraded to v16? And do you have an Office 365 account? Well then, read on to try out the updated Office 365 integration module and test-drive syncing users, personal contacts and 3CX Continue Reading

Common Mistakes Which Lead to Call Fraud

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! Although a rare occurrence, we have seen a few cases of call fraud where several misconfigurations led to the unnecessary exposure and compromisation of 3CX. In this blog post we are going to highlight Continue Reading

Add Protected Machines to Backup Manager

After you have copied the Backup Manager public key to the Backup Agent, you can add this machine to your Backup Manager.  To add a protected machine, click Protected Machines in the Main Menu to access the Protected Machines page. Then, click the + New Machine button. The New Machine page displays, where you can enter the details Continue Reading

Selling 3CX Phone System. A Guide.

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! So you have checked out 3CX – installed the product, convinced yourself. Now you need to convince your customer or maybe your CEO – to get the OK to invest in a brand new Continue Reading

Announcement – Kindly change your Server Default DNS Resolver to Google Public DNS

Hi Everyone, Please be informed that we have detected some issues in the default DNS resolvers which results in Server performance to be slow down. Due to this problem, your server may not be able to resolve the domain names, which might cause many depended issues. In order to resolve Continue Reading

Security News – Hacking Alert!

Have you heard the news? SingHealth was hacked, with over a million people having their personal data stolen! We’ve been emphasing repeatedly the importance of protecting your data. Sure, it’ll involve some spending – but isn’t your data worth protecting? So, what can ReadySpace do for you? We can … Continue Reading

New Cloud Server Windows with Server Protection Advanced

Hey folks! We have an awesome announcement to make! In line with the recent focus on heightened cyber security, we have listened to your needs and beefed up protection for all new Cloud Server Windows subscriptions.  Starting from today, new Cloud Server Windows will come with the following additional Security Features: Continue Reading

Cloud Server Scheduled Performance Maintenance and Optimisation

Hello Cloud Server users! Some clients have given us feedback that they seem to have encountered resource-related issues recently.We’d like to let you know that we take all such feedback extremely seriously and, as such, will be undertaking additional maintenance and Optimisation works. Date: 26th March 2018, Monday. Time: Ongoing Continue Reading

Discontinuing StopTheHacker Service

We won’t want to, but it is unfortunate that we have to discontinue one of our security offering – StopTheHacker. This product has been sold to another company since a few years ago and since then, its development has stopped as well. As such, our paying customers are still paying Continue Reading

New Dutch VoIP Provider has been added to 3CX V15.5: KeenSystems

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! We have some news for our Dutch customers and partners, we’ve added a new Dutch VoIP Provider to 3CX v15.5, Update 2. This means that you now have even more choice of SIP Trunks Continue Reading

Upgrading from Debian 8 to Debian 9

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! As you already might have heard, Debian 9 “Stretch” is released. And boy, the improvements it comes with over its  predecessor “Jessie”… impressive!! New 4.9 Linux kernel supporting newer hardware, improvements to apt and Continue Reading

Gradwell UK SIP Trunk now Compatible with 3CX 15.5

3CX is a PBX server in Cloud Server 3CX.Contact us to find out our latest offers! Our UK customers now have even more choice of SIP trunk providers. Following completion of testing with 3CX V15.5 SP1, Gradwell SIP trunk is now available for your selection from within the management console Continue Reading