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"Unlock untapped potential using WhatsApp that Will Get Immediate and Instant Response from your Clients and Prospects

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reasons to use whatsapp

With over 2.2 billion active users, your target audience is on WhatsApp. Add WhatsApp to your marketing strategy and lead customers through discovery, and browsing all the way to buying. Effortlessly.

WhatsApp conversation

reach out with opt-ins


Create automated opt-ins and broadcast your message to an entire audience via WhatsApp. Send offers, educational messages, event invitations, and customer satisfaction surveys with the click of a button.

Whatsapp Message

Whatsapp Message

Let automation send the right message, at the right time


Send order notifications, payment requests, and shipping updates via WhatsApp. Connect your webshop, CRM, or any other platform to automatically trigger personalised messages at the right time.

keep your clients engaged

keep your clients engaged


Make sure your clients get the attention they deserve by sending them via the media your clients use most. WhatsApp messages have an average opening rate of 98%.

Who benefits the most from wacontact?



Easily reach out and engage with new and existing clients without any coding. Make use of available tools and templates to start your engagement campaigns

digital marketers


Make use of the most engaging platform today to reach out to your targetted audience. Integrate with popular platforms to get leads and opt-ins effectively.



Automate existing manual processes and streamline workflows. Release your workforce from repetitive tasks to do things that are revenue generating. 

integrated with existing apps!

Unlimited possibilities with WAContact. Connect WhatsApp to various applications.

Works with



Works With



integrate with



Works With


WAContact Use cases

case 1

Form to wa

Create an opt-in form in your Website or any platform that will auto reply with information based on visitor's input. 

case 2

Quiz to WA

Create an opt-in quiz for visitor to your website or app to qualify them and provide a score that they would like to know.

case 3

request referral

At the point of "Order completion". Insert a link to request your client to refer another contact that will need the same product or services. Provide a link for them to fill in a referral contact with an additional special perk for both referrer and referred. 

case 5

Onboarding sequence

After a marketing campaign, you'll need to guide your clients to on-board or adopt your products and services smoothly. This is where you can schedule a 7 days messages to provide them with information they needed to get the results they are looking for.

case 4

Request review

During order processing phase, you can request your client who had just ordered from you to do a google review for you. Add your google review link in your "Order processing" message with a review request.

case 6


Build trust with your clients after they did an enquire on your products and services. Keep them engaged with you using WAContact together with your sales team collaboratively. You dont have to miss out any client's request or questions anymore

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What is WAContact?

WAContact is a web application that allows users to interface their own applications to perform automated inbound and outbound messaging using WhatsApp messaging platform easily.

How does it work?

Simply connect your WhatsApp mobile app with WAContact to start using web application. For more automation, integrate with your favourite application with ready built plugins to engage with your audience.

If you are a developer, you can make use of WAContact API to further integrate with all kinds of applications to enhance maximum efficiencies.

Whose number will be the sender?

WAContact will use your available WhatsApp account numbers.

Can I still login on WhatsApp Web and Desktop?

Yes, you are able to use WhatsApp web an desktop together with WAContact

If I use my WhatsApp number, will my number be blocked by WhatsApp?

As a WhatsApp standard rule for sending WhatsApp messages to people who have not saved your contact yet, then the risk exists if a sufficient number of customers either intentionally / accidentally click ‘spam’ or ‘report’ in the message that you send, even though the possibilities are minimal if you use WhatsApp for Business.

Ensure that your contacts did an opt-in to receive your messages to avoid a block.