Zimbra’s New Bug Fix / Reporting Process

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Hello Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners,

Zimbra is committed to providing the highest quality product and ensuring our customers and partners have the best possible Zimbra experience. To succeed in these commitments, we are updating Zimbra Network Edition’s bug fix and reporting process.

Every year Zimbra releases include hundreds of bug fixes and product enhancements as a result of your input. In fact, in 2017, our engineering team solved over 2,167 bug-related tickets, which is nearly double the 1,154 solved in 2016.

These are impressive numbers! But we want to do even better … we want to focus on fixing critical issues.

Our former bug fix and reporting process was done via Bugzilla. Over the years, Bugzilla has been overwhelmed by thousands of bugs and requests for enhancements (RFEs), many of which are now years old and no longer valid. Therefore, we are making a fresh start with a new process for our Network Edition customers.

So what is Zimbra’s new bug fix and reporting process?

We are moving from Bugzilla to JIRA for all Network Edition* bug reporting, and now all bugs will be entered into JIRA by Zimbra Support, Zimbra Engineers or Zimbra Account Managers. Bugzilla will still be available as an archive.

The new process advantages are:

  • Bugs are immediately assigned a priority.
  • Critical bugs will be resolved faster.
  • You will receive updates, status, etc. of the bug from your Zimbra Support contact or Zimbra Account Manager.
  • All JIRA tickets will be addressed within 2 months or less.
We understand there could be some disappointment, so it’s important you know the paths you can take if you want to further discuss specific requests.
  • If you are a Certified Zimbra Partner, please reach out to your Zimbra Account Manager, who will advocate on your behalf.
  • If you are a Zimbra Customer, please reach out to Support via the Zimbra Support Portal by raising a case.

Please contact us with any questions you have. We want to ensure you that your concerns are heard and addressed. While we may not always give you the answer you want, we want you to know that we are here to listen and to do our best to serve you and the global Zimbra community.

Thank you. We are sincerely grateful for your commitment to Zimbra,

Your Zimbra Team

*Stay tuned for news about the Zimbra Open Source Project, which will have a separate bug fix and reporting process.


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Zimbra is an enterprise collaboration software installed Cloud Server Linux. Contact us to find out our latest offers!

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